Audit types we offer:

  • Retail Marijuana Center (recreational store)
  • Medical Marijuana Center (medical store)
  • Retail Marijuana Cultivation Facility (recreational grow)
  • Optional Premises Cultivation (medical grow)
  • Retail Marijuana Product Manufacturing Facility (recreational kitchen/concentrate processor)
  • Marijuana Infused Product Manufacturer (medical kitchen/concentrate processor)


CannaScore is a canna-business compliancy tool designed to provide several indicators for the overall compliancy health of any recreational or medical retail store, grow, or manufacturer. The primary metric provided by CannaScore is the actual score itself. Also known as the "CannaScore", this number is similar to a FICO score and provides a rating that indicates how compliant the respective canna-business is in relation to all state and local laws and regulations.

In addition to the score itself, a CannaScore audit also provides the maximum and estimated fines that could be assessed from violations encountered during the audit. Maximum fines are generally well established based off of associated state and local guidelines. The estimated fines are calculated based off the maximum potential fine and the circumstances related to the pending violation.


The heart of CannaScore is driven by a multiple-choice questionnaire tailored to the type of operation being audited. Our database of over 450 distinct questions provides the foundation for an extremely detailed and accurate picture of the operation's overall level of compliancy. Each audit type will contain roughly 200 - 250 unique checks. Every question has a weight associated with it that will impact the score based on the underlying severity or violation type. In addition to this foundational weight, there are two more layers of analysis that are applied to each item representing a violation. Based on these additional levels of analysis, the impact on the score resulting from each violation may be adjusted up or down further. All three levels of analysis are used both in determining the CannaScore and the estimated fines.


When your CannaScore audit is complete, you will immediately receive an email with a detailed report analysis of the audit. Each report contains a summary of your score and estimated fines. There is also a detailed breakdown of each violation complete with auditor notes and recommendations. There also may be photos taken during the audit that are tagged and attached with each violation. Each violation included in the detailed breakdown will contain a bookmark link directly to the state or local regulation section in its entirety.

Using Your Score

Ongoing CannaScore audits provide canna-business owners, investors, and stakeholders with the tools needed to meet and exceed the compliance standards established by local and state regulators. Learn more about what can be done with CannaScore in your business segment: